Mission Statement:

The purpose of GAZA is to assist the public and its membership improve the quality of life through a better understanding and appreciation of the role of zoning administrators. This is accomplished by:

1) Promoting safety to life, health, and property through the education and training of individuals involved in the administration, enforcement, and development of zoning ordinances.

2) Creating a better public understanding and appreciation of the proper administration of zoning ordinances and their importance to the health, safety, welfare, and prosperity of municipalities.

3) Improving the professionalism of zoning administrators and zoning code enforcement officers by the promotion of high standards of efficiency in the administration of zoning ordinances through continuous education and training.

4) Meeting with other government officials and organized groups concerned with zoning ordinances to exchange ideas and discuss mutual problems.

5) Developing courses of instruction singularly or in cooperation with recognized educational institutions and other professional organizations to promote proper interpretations, enforcement, and administration of zoning ordinances.


Strategic Plan:

The strategic plan is established so that GAZA may accomplish its intended mission. The strategic plan utilitizes goals, objectives, and policies as the means by which GAZA will accomplish its stated mission.


Goal 1: Promote the practice and professionalism of zoning administrators

Objective 1: Increase public understanding

Policy 1: Establish a public relations committee.

Policy 2: Establish an awards program.

Policy 3: Establish a means of cooperation between GAZA and GMA, ACCG, GPA, CCMA, and BOAG.

Policy 4: Provide a list of members willing to engage in public speaking on behalf of GAZA.


Goal 2: Provide services to the membership

Objective 1: Maintain and enhance existing services.

Policy 1: Continue and expand the newsletter.

Policy 2: Establish leadership program.

Policy 3: Establish districts and district representatives.

Objective 2: Increase membership services.

Policy 1: Establish a referral service for technical assistance.

Policy 2: Establish and provide workshops and seminars at district level.

Policy 3: Provide technical bulletins to membership on changes affecting zoning administration.


Goal 3: Increase membership and membership involvement

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for membership participation.

Policy 1: Establish districts and district representatives.

Policy 2: Establish an awards program.

Policy 3: Establish committees: Public Relations, Awards, Programs, Newsletter, and Nominations.

Policy 4: Provide members opportunities for public speaking on behalf of GAZA

Objective 2: Increase Membership

Policy 1: Encourage membership by planning commissioners, county administrators, city managers, and elected officials.

Policy 2: Establish a student membership category.

Policy 3: Encourage district representatives to get colleagues to join.