Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


July 16, 2008

Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia


Board Members in Attendance:

            Tom O’Bryant

Nancy Seegar

Norman Pope

Randy Mannino

Steve Scholar

Sharyn Darlington    

Duane Treadon

Ken Patton

Darryl Simmons

Judy Garrett


Others in Attendance:

            Pauletta Rogers - UGA


All Board Members and Officers Present

President Tom O’Bryant called the Board to order at 2:15 p.m.

Minutes of the previous board meeting held on March 14, 2008, were reviewed and discussed.  A motion was made by Ken Patton, seconded by Randy Mannino, to accept the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.

Financial report was distributed to all Board members for review.  Following a summary of the report by Norman Pope, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Nancy Seegar, to accept financial report.  Unanimous approval.

Norman Pope also reported to the Board about his discussions with the IRS concerning GAZA’s 501-3-C status, and his filing of the 990-EZ Postcard with the IRS on behalf of the organization.

Board members were presented with copies of the two scholarship applications received.  After review and discussion, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Judy Garrett, to award the 2008-2009 scholarship to Ashley Cara Sturm, daughter of member Cindy England.  Board members approved this motion with 2 members abstaining from voting – Randy Mannino and Steve Scholar.

Discussion was held concerning our website and the need to keep it updated.  A proposal to get Richard Osborne more involved with the GAZA website was discussed, and Richard will be contacted to see if he has the time and the interest.

Arrangements were made for the introduction of speakers for the 2008 Summer Conference.

Ken Patton made a presentation on behalf of the committee investigating the possibility of GAZA becoming a Certified Maintenance Provider for AICP Credits.  The committee had met prior to the Board meeting and is composed of Tom O’Bryant, Nancy Seegar, Norman Pope, Randy Mannino, and Ken Patton.  After the presentation, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Nancy Seegar, to move forward on a trial basis with GAZA becoming a Certification Maintenance Provider.  The trial period will be over the next 18 months (next three conferences) and will include GAZA underwriting the basic fees to become a Certified Maintenance Provider.  Motion passed with no opposition.

Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Nancy Seegar, that the existing AICP Committee continue to meet and function in order to determine fees and requirements for AICP Credit Courses.  Motion passed unanimously.

Randy Mannino also made a motion, seconded by Ken Patton, to investigate the possibility of getting the programs for the Summer 2008 Conference approved after the fact for credit.  Motion passed unanimously.

No other business was brought before the Board for action.

The 2009 Winter Conference will be held in Athens, Georgia, on February 4 thru February 6, 2009.  The 2009 Summer Conference will be held at the Marriott in Savannah on August 12 thru 14, 2009, and the room rate will be $134.00 per night.

President O’Bryant adjourned the meeting at 3:20 p.m.