March 20, 2009

Eatonton, Georgia




Board Members in Attendance:

 Tom O’Bryant

Nancy Seegar

Norman Pope

Randy Mannino

Sharyn Darlington      

Duane Treadon


Board Members Absent:

Ken Patton

Steven Scholar

Darryl Simmons

Judy Garrett


  Others in Attendance:

            Pauletta Rogers - UGA

            Lisa Jackson – Putnam County

    Lunch was arranged by Sharyn Darlington and she provided a delicious    meal  for all to enjoy.  Lunch was undertaken early due to a number of late arrivals for the Board Meeting.


    President Tom O’Bryant called the Board to order at 12:20 pm and a quorum was present for the meeting.


    All Board members had been e-mailed and mailed copies of the Board meeting held on February 4, 2009, in Athens, Georgia.  Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Nancy Seegar, to adopt the minutes as written.  Motion passed unanimously.


    Financial report was distributed to all in attendance.  After review and discussion, Nancy Seegar made a motion, seconded by Duane Treadon, to accept the financial report. Motion passed unanimously.


    Discussion was held regarding the need for an active membership committee and the need to try and get more people involved in our organization.  Being an AICP CM provider should help in our membership recruitment, but we need to explore other avenues also.  Nancy Seegar made a motion, seconded by Norman Pope, to have Sharyn Darlington chair the membership committee.  Unanimous approval.


    Norman Pope reported to the Board that the deadline for applications to be received for the Betty Gecoma Scholarship would be April 30, 2009.  Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and the winner will be announced at the Summer Conference in Savannah.


    Discussion was held concerning the possibility of a certification program to be

    developed by GAZA for its members.  A number of other programs are offered thru GPA and ICC for zoning.  Board will consider this matter in more depth following the Summer Conference.


    After reviewing the evaluations from the Winter 2009 Conference, it was determined that the topics and speakers were good and the conference overall was rated good by our membership.  A total of 113 people registered for the Winter Conference.


    The Summer Conference in 2009 will be held August 12-14 at the Marriott in

    Savannah.  Pauletta Rogers reports that the cut-off date to confirm room space and guarantees will be July 12, 2009.


    The Board agreed on the following topics for Summer Conference in Savannah:           

(1)               Flexibility for development in a down economy

(2)               Adaptive management for reuse

(3)               Zoning “landmines”

(4)               Legislative updates

(5)               Marriage of your comp plans to your zoning ordinance

(6)               Diversification of your workforce


    The deadline for confirmation of potential speakers was set for April 10, 2009.


    With no further business to be brought before the Board, meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.