Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


SEPTEMBER 25, 2009

Eatonton, Georgia



Board Members in Attendance:

          Tom O’Bryant

Nancy Seegar

Norman Pope

Randy Mannino

Sharyn Darlington 

Duane Treadon


Board Members Absent:

Ken Patton

Steven Scholar

Darryl Simmons


Others in Attendance:

          Pauletta Rogers – UGA

          Walt McBride - UGA

          Lisa Jackson – Putnam County


President Tom O’Bryant called the scheduled meeting to order at 11:13 a.m.


Minutes of the previous Board meeting held in Savannah, Georgia, on August 12, 2009, had been e-mailed and mailed all Board members.  After review, Nancy Seegar made a motion, seconded by Randy Mannino, to adopt the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.


Treasurer’s report was distributed to all in attendance.  Norman Pope gave a verbal account of activity on the checking account since the Savannah meeting.  Duane Treadon, made a motion, seconded by Nancy Seegar, to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Unanimous approval.


Tom O’Bryant made the following appointments to the nominations committee:  Tom O’Bryant to chair, Ken Patton, and Duane Treadon.  Once they have an opportunity to meet and discuss, they will deliver to the Board a proposed slate of officers to serve in 2010 and 2011.  The proposed slate of officers will be posted on the website as soon as practical after committee makes its recommendations.


Discussion was held concerning the possible establishment of a certification program for zoning administrators.  Nancy Seegar agreed to chair the committee which would investigate the requirements for such a program.  Duane Treadon agreed to serve on the committee also.  Walt McBride of UGA offered his services in any way that he might be able to assist. 

As discussed at the previous Board meeting, a board liaison will work closely with Pauletta Rogers to keep all Board members informed about registration numbers and attendance at future conferences.  The scheduled Winter Conference for 2010 has been set for February 3, 4, and 5 in Athens, Georgia, and the Board Liasion for that conference will be Tom O’Bryant.

Sharyn Darlington gave a report on the formation of the GAZA Membership Committee and their activities.  Regions 2, 4, 7, 9 and 12 are still not represented on the committee, but these areas should be represented by Winter 2010 Conference.

The current schedule for the 2010 Winter Conference calls for the following room guarantees at the UGA Center for Continuing Education:  75 rooms for Wednesday, February 3, 2010, and 85 rooms for Thursday February 4, 2010.  Rooms will be held for reservation purposes until January 6, 2010.  The Board instructed Pauletta Rogers to utilize tickets to all attendees for meal functions during the 2010 Winter Conference.  Board members will take up tickets for admittance to meals.

After much discussion, the Board ultimately decided on the following programs for the 2010 Winter Conference:


Thursday, February 4, 2010

(1)      Caught in the Cross-hairs?

What’s legal and what’s not when dealing with contracts, development agreements, conditions to zoning and exactions.

(2)              Floodplain Map Modernization

Coordinating floodplain management with land use.

(3)              Substainable Growth in Rural Areas

(4)              Victoria Place Redevelopment - Thomasville, Georgia

A case study.


Friday, February 5, 2010

                      “Friday with Frank”

                      Legal and legislative issues

                      Question and answer session

   Nancy Seegar gave a short report on AICP credits and her continuing

  efforts to get both 2009 conferences certified.  Some portion or possibly

  all of the sessions will be certified.

  With no further business to be conducted, the meeting was adjourned at

  1:55 p.m.