Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


July 21, 2010

St Simons Island, Georgia



Board Members in Attendance:

          Nancy Seegar

Randy Mannino

Norman Pope

Ken Patton

Duane Treadon

Allison Slocum

Darryl Simmons

Steve Scholar


Board Members Absent:

Sharyn Darlington

Tom O’Bryant


Others in Attendance:

          Pauletta Rogers – UGA

          Chrissy Marlow - UGA


President Nancy Seegar called the scheduled board meeting of GAZA to order at 5:02 p.m.


A revision to the printed agenda was requested with a motion by Norman Pope, seconded by Duane Treadon.  Motion passed unanimously.


Minutes of the GAZA Board meeting held on March 26, 2010, were distributed to all members.  After review and discussion, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Randy Mannino, to accept the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.


The Treasurer’s report was distributed to all in attendance.  After review and discussion, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Duane Treadon, to approve the financial report.  Unanimous approval.


The introduction of each speaker for the 2010 Summer Conference was confirmed.  President Seegar had made arrangements on the introductions prior to the Board meeting.  This was a time saving opportunity for the Board meeting.


Pauletta Rogers of UGA informed the Board that 81 people had registered for the Conference and it was anticipated that 5 additional people would be registering on site, based on phone calls she had received just prior to the start of the conference.  Pauletta reminded the Board about the necessity of completing the registration cards so that UGA has a record of sessions attended in order to give

proper credit.  This is especially important as it relates to the concurrent sessions 

being held during this conference.  Also, Pauletta discussed the necessity of each attendee having a ticket for each meal.  Board members need to assist Pauletta prior to each meal in helping to insure that each person has a ticket for the meal they are about to consume.  Food prices have skyrocketed and we need to keep food costs down by making sure each participant has a ticket.  A cash bar will be available for the Thursday evening meal at St. Simons.


The Winter Conference for 2011 has been set for Athens at the Continuing Education Center at UGA.  Dates for the conference are February 2 thru February 4, 2011.  A decision has not been reached on whether a Summer Conference will be held in 2011.  We do have proposals from two sites if the Board decides to hold a 2011 Summer Conference.  Callaway Gardens has offered a rate of $99.00 per night and Sea Palms has offered a rate of $129.00 per night if we should decide to return in 2011.


Norman Pope gave a report to the Board about the problems associated with the planned give-away for this conference - a beach towel.  After numerous inquiries and phone calls, an order was placed with a firm in California for 100 towels to have the letters “GAZA” on the bottom of the towel.  Towels were not delivered on schedule and it was discovered that the lettering was “GAZE.”  At that point the order was cancelled and a refund of $770.00 was demanded from the manufacturer.  Pauletta Rogers of UGA informed me that a change has occurred again that would allow give-aways to be added to registration fees.  This should be confirmed at our next Board meeting.


Only two applications were received for the Betty Gecoma Scholarship this year.  Since the two applicants were from the same family, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Duane Treadon, to split the scholarship between the two applicants since their qualifications were both outstanding.  The Board voted unanimously to do this.  Suzanne Mastrario and Samantha Mastrario, daughters of GAZA member Mike Mastrario, will each receive $500.00 to aid in their pursuit of higher education.


A report was made to the Board concerning the work being done to develop a certification program for GAZA.  Nancy Seegar brought everyone up to date on the activities of the committee, and Chrissy Marlowe of UGA delivered a report concerning the development of curriculum.  A proposal for the GAZA Certificate Program was distributed to all in attendance and is attached to these minutes.  The Board indicated a desire to continue to develop this program, but a decision could not be made until additional information and data can be collected.


Nancy Seegar gave a report on the AICP-CM Credit program and reported that we had received approval of credits for the Summer Conference prior to the 

conference being held which is a real plus for all members attending who need the continuing education credits.


The question came up again about how many conferences to hold in 2011.  After an extended amount of conversation, Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Darrell Simmons, to revisit this question at our next scheduled board meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.


The next scheduled board meeting will be at Callaway Gardens Resort on Friday, September 10, 2010.   The meeting will begin at 11:00 a.m. and lunch will be served following the meeting.


With no further business to discuss, the GAZA Board meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.