Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


February 2, 2011

Athens, Georgia


Board Members in Attendance:                             Board Members Absent:

Nancy Seegar                                                           Steven Scholar

Randy Mannino                                                        Tom O’Bryant

Norman Pope                                                            Allison Slocum                     

Ken Patton

Duane Treadon

Darryl Simmons


Others in Attendance:

            Laura Meadows – UGA

            Chrissy Marlow – UGA

            Judy Wilson- UGA   


President Nancy Seegar called the scheduled Board meeting of GAZA to order at 4:10 p.m.


Judy Wilson was introduced to the Board as the new UGA Coordinator for GAZA, replacing Pauletta Rogers who has resigned from UGA.  Judy has over twenty-five years experience working in this field, and we look forward to a prosperous and healthy relationship.


President Seegar presented an agenda to the Board and asked if there might be any additions or modifications.  Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Duane Treadon, to accept the agenda as written.  Unanimous approval.


Minutes of the previous Board meeting held at Callaway Gardens on September 10, 2010, had been e-mailed to all board members.  Written copies were also available and distributed to all in attendance.  Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Randy Mannino, to accept the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.


Copies of the financial report were distributed to all in attendance.  After review and discussion, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Duane Treadon, to approve the financial report.  Unanimous approval.


The introductions of the scheduled speakers for the 2011 Winter Conference were finalized by board members who volunteered or were appointed by the President to perform those duties.


Judy Wilson made her first report to the GAZA Board as our new UGA Coordinator, and she reported that seventy-seven (77) people were currently registered for the 2011 Winter 


Conference and the possibility of several late registrations that had inquired thru e-mail or telephone.  The scheduled Summer Conference for 2011 will be held at the Callaway Gardens Resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia, on July 27 thru July 29, 2011.  The room rate for that conference will be $99.00 per night.  Judy also reported that the Savannah Marriott would very much like have our organization back in July, 2012, and indicated that the Marriott felt that we did not completely fulfill our obligation when we were there for Summer Conference in August, 2009.  This matter will be discussed in more detail at our next scheduled board meeting.


Ken Patton made a presentation to the Board from the Nominating Committee for two Board of Directors positions to be filled at tomorrow’s business meeting.  Mary Teter from Albany has been submitted to fill the currently vacant seat left by the resignation of Sharyn Darlington which term has expired.  Mary would serve a four year term beginning 2011 and expiring 2014.  Ken also reported that Stacey Ward from Thomasville was going to be nominated for the board position currently being filled by Duane Treadon whose term is expiring.  Although it was the intent of the nominations committee to initially ask Duane to serve another four year term, job responsibilities have changed and Stacey, in her role as Zoning Administrator, has been submitted to fill a four year term beginning 2011 and expiring in 2014.  Many thanks to Duane for his hard work and dedication over the last four years.


Under new business, a discussion was held concerning logo or lapel pins to be awarded to all members.  A boundary outline of the state of Georgia with GAZA running diagonally from NW to SE across the state was chosen.  Norman Pope will check prices and quantities, and Randy Mannino will also check with a businessman he knows for pricing and quantities.


A lengthy discussion was held concerning membership and our declining numbers.  Greater emphasis must be placed on membership, both on retaining current members and recruiting new members.  The benefits of membership must be stated and itemized.  Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Ken Patton, to develop a listing of membership benefits and develop new benefits that would attract new members to our organization.  Motion passed unanimously.


The possibility of allowing vendors to rent space at our conference locations was discussed.  If the rental income generated by this action helps to reduce conference expenses, it should be evaluated.  This will be discussed more at the next scheduled board meeting to be held in LaGrange on April 1, 2011.


President Nancy Seegar gave a short report on the A.I.C.P. certification program and the need to make sure that all attendees who desire credit sign the necessary sheets.  Nancy also gave a short report on the development of the certification program and how it is progressing.


With no further business and the agenda completed, he meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.