Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


April 1, 2011

LaGrange, Georgia



Board Members in Attendance:                             Board Members Absent:

Nancy Seegar                                                           Steven Scholar

Randy Mannino                                                        Darryl Simmons

Norman Pope                                                            Mary Teter                

Ken Patton

Allison Slocum

Stacey Ward

Tom O’Bryant


Others in Attendance:

            Judy Wilson- UGA

            Chrissy Marlow – UGA

            Duane Treadon - Member  


President Nancy Seegar called the scheduled Board meeting of GAZA to order at 11:03 a.m.  The meeting was held in the conference room of the Planning and Zoning Department of Troup County located in the Troup County Courthouse.


After reviewing and discussing the minutes of the scheduled Board meeting held on February 2, 2011, in Athens, Georgia, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Randy Mannino, to adopt the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.


After a current financial report was distributed to all in attendance, Norman Pope, Treasurer, gave a brief overview of the report.  Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Stacey Ward, to accept the financial report.  Unanimous approval.


Although there was no report from the Nominating Committee at this time, it was decided that a nominating committee be appointed at the Summer Conference to be held at Callaway Gardens in July to nominate members for the three officer positions in the organization as well as two Board slots which will come open in February of 2012. 


Norman Pope reported on behalf of the Scholarship Committee than one application had been received to date for the annual scholarship.  The deadline for scholarship applications to be received is April 30, 2011.


The recent results from the survey conducted by GAZA thru our website were reviewed and discussed.  The content and the input provided thru the survey, although limited to about 35% of our total membership responding, indicates a strong need for the Board to develop a program to illustrate the benefits of membership in GAZA.  Among the suggestions made during the Board meeting was a potential prize drawing at each conference for new members, a formation of a legislative committee to keep members advised about pending legislation that could impact their jobs and their ability to carry out their duties, and the creation of an electronic newsletter to be sent to all members on a quarterly basis.  The newsletter would be dependent on each Board member being willing to provide articles on a regular basis.  Nancy Seegar offered her services to chair the legislative committee while Stacey Ward indicated her willingness to take on the newsletter.


President Seegar appointed a committee to evaluate our current dues structure to determine if it is adequate for the organization’s needs.  It would also look at the potential to have membership levels to meet the needs of a varied membership.  Appointed to the committee were Ken Patton, Allison Slocum, Norman Pope and Nancy Seegar.


A discussion was held concerning the need to get our members more involved in the organization in addition to attendance at our conferences.  One suggestion put forth was to have an orientation session during each conference that first-time members and first-time attendees would be invited.  The primary purpose would be to encourage more participation of our members and encourage first time attendees to join the organization. 


Several vendors have been contacted concerning a lapel pin to show Gaza membership.  After discussion, a motion was made by Randy Mannino and seconded by Tom O’Bryant to secure a vendor who would provide 500 lapel pins with GAZA name imprinted on the lapel at a cost not to exceed $750.00.   Motion passed unanimously.


Evaluations from the Winter 2011 Conference held in Athens, Georgia were reviewed and discussed.  It appeared that the majority of members were pleased with the program, the presenters, the accommodations, and the facilities.


The Summer 2011 Conference program was established and will consist of the following programs:


            Thursday, July 28

              9:15  – 10:30            ADA Changes – First in 20 years

            10:45  – 12:00            Proposed GAZA Certification Program

              1:30  –  2:45             Legal and Legislative Update

               3:00 -  4:15             (A) Fees II – Continued from Winter Conference

                                                (B) Panel Discussion – Development at Callaway Gardens


            Friday, July 29

              9:00 – 12:00 Noon  Friday with Frank


Speakers need to be verified to Judy Wilson at UGA by May 20, 2011.


Discussion was held concerning the potential location of the 2012 Summer Conference.  Judy Wilson from UGA suggested the Marriott in Savannah as she had already discussed some dates and rack rates.  However, the Board suggested some alternate sites and requested Judy to obtain information and rates from several of these locations.  A decision will be made at the Summer 2011 Conference.


A big thank you to Nancy Seegar for allowing the Board to meet at her workplace and arranging a wonderful lunch.


With no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.