Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators


September 16, 2011

Athens, Georgia


Board Members in Attendance:                             Board Members Absent:

Nancy Seegar                                                           Mary Teter

Randy Mannino                                                        Steven Scholar

Norman Pope                                                            Tom O’Bryan t

Allison Slocum         

Stacey Ward

Darryl Simmons

Ken Patton


Others in Attendance:

            Chrissy Marlow – UGA

            Susan Maxwell - UGA      


President Nancy Seegar called the scheduled board meeting of GAZA to order at 11:04 a.m.


Minutes of the previous board meeting held on July 27, 2011, had been e-mailed to all Board members previously.  Copies were also available for this meeting.  A correction to the written minutes was noted in the correct spelling of Bill Ross rather than Bill Ros.  Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Ken Patton, to adopt the minutes as written with the one correction.  Motion passed unanimously.


Minutes of the special called meeting held at Callaway Gardens prior to the regular board meeting on July 27, 2011, were also distributed to everyone at the meeting.   A motion was made by Ken Patton, seconded by Stacey Ward, to adopt the minutes as written.  Motion passed unanimously.


The financial report for GAZA was distributed to all in attendance.  After discussion and review, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Stacey Ward, to approve the financial report.  Unanimous approval.


Susan Maxwell and Chrissy Marlowe presented a financial recap from the two most recent conferences.  The winter conference held in Athens, Georgia, on February 2 thru February 4, 2011, generated $22,466.00 in revenue for UGA and the total expenses were listed as $19,465.66 which resulted in $3,000.34 profit for UGA.  Included in those expenses were costs of $3,008.00 for a day meeting package and 15% administrative costs ($2,539.00) for Carl Vinson Institute of Government.  The figures for the summer conference held at Callaway Gardens on July 27 thru July 29, 2011, indicate revenue of $20,750.00 (83 registrations at $250.00 each) and total expenses of 12,951.94.  This resulted in a profit to UGA of $7,798.06 for this event.  Included in the summer conference was $1,689.38 of costs applied to CVIOG administrative costs.  In total, the two GAZA conferences held in 2011 generated $10,798.40 in profit for UGA and included on the expense side would be an additional $4,228.38 paid to CVIOG for administrative costs.  After much discussion concerning these reports, Susan Maxwell made a statement to the Board that overage amounts (profits) would be held in an account for GAZA for future use at conferences and could be utilized to reduce costs.


Susan Maxwell also reported to the Board that Judy Wilson would no longer be the coordinator for CVIOG to GAZA.  Debbie Barron will be our new coordinator as we move into 2012.


President Nancy Seegar gave an updated report on the certificate program and the many unanswered questions we as an organization face concerning this opportunity.  Minimum standards for the certificate program were discussed along with the vocal desire of many of our members to not change or disturb our current conferences.  Randy Mannino made a motion, seconded by Ken Patton, to establish a committee to study the feasibility of the certificate program and bring to the Board a recommendation concerning whether the organization should continue to look at establishing such a program.  Motion passed unanimously.  Allison Slocum, Stacey Ward, and Nancy Seegar volunteered to serve on the committee.


The evaluations from the 2011 Summer Conference were distributed and reviewed by all in attendance.  Overall, the conference was determined to be successful.


The 2012 Winter Conference for GAZA will be held in Athens at the UGA Continuing Education Center on campus beginning February 1, 2012, and ending noon on February 3, 2012.  The Board established the program agenda and speakers for the event, and all members of the Board will actively encourage all members and prospective members to attend.


The conference location for Summer 2012 has not yet been selected.  The Board requested that UGA look at Macon, Augusta, Brasstown Valley, and Columbus as potential sites and secure available dates and rates for board review.  The Board felt that no more than sixty (60) members in attendance should be guaranteed.


The Board decided that a silent auction to be held at the 2012 Winter Conference would be a good way to raise funds to donate to the GPA Memorial Fund (Denise Abboud Scholarship Fund).  Norman Pope will be the coordinator of this event.


Stacey Ward gave a short report on the newsletter and Nancy Seegar gave a short report on the DCA Committee she is currently serving on which is redoing rules and regulations concerning Developments of Regional Impacts (DRI’s).  Nancy represents GAZA on that committee.


The scheduled GAZA Board meeting was adjourned at 1:37 p.m.  Many thanks to Nancy Seegar for the meeting place and the luncheon.